Nikon patent: A camera that can take pictures from above during a throw into the air

What patents do not register companies «in reserve». Nikon, for example, registered 2012-189859, describing a camera that can be tossed into the air to take pictures from above. The patent describes the built -in motion and acceleration sensors, which allow the camera to determine the moment when exactly should take a picture during the flight in the air. For the device to survive when falling, Nikon provided an impact -resistant case in the patent and a sliding lens.

During the throw, there is a moment when the camera slows down, after which its speed reaches zero — such a time may be ideal for creating pictures. At the same time, electronics can track persons and other objects to make the right frame or immediately a whole series of personnel, from which the user can then come in the most successful. After shooting and even during the flight, the lens hides inside the body, protecting himself from blows during the fall.

All this is very interesting, the only question is whether such a product will be in demand and whether the manufacturer can provide sufficient strength for lovers to throw electronics higher. In addition, the weight of the camera should be relatively small so as not to inflict the injuries in the falling users in the fall, which then can go into claims to the manufacturer. One way or another, but so far it is only a patent, although it describes a rather interesting idea.



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