AMD again hinted at ARM support in the future

In the past, AMD has repeatedly expressed its complete commitment to the architecture of the X86, but recently the company has increasingly made hints, from which only one conclusion can be made: cooperation with ARM is quite possible. AMD has always opposed the Intel market with architecture X86, however, the development and increase in the popularity of ARM chips in recent years has passed such a significant way that AMD can reconsider its previous unshakable positions.

Another evidence in favor of the fact that AMD is considering a step on using ARM nuclei in its products is a statement by the technical director of Mark Papermaster Mark (Mark Papermaster). When the journalists of the Wared publication asked Mr. Paypermaster about the possible alliance with ARM, he said: «I will not deny this opportunity».

Recall that during the AMD Financial Analyst Day, a number of leading leaders of the company talked about the importance of flexibility in the use of various CPU architectures, as well as that AMD will become an ambidecrome in this regard. Do not forget that even the powerful Microsoft, which made the rate in the desktop segment by the X86, in Windows 8 changed its many years of policy, not wanting to miss the ARM solution market.



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