Nintendo introduced the game Wii Fit U and the accessory Fit Meter

There are not many athletes among video games lovers. But this does not mean that the owners of the consoles would not like to keep themselves in good physical shape. It is for them that Nintendo created the game Wii Fit U.

The Japanese company first demonstrated a fitness game, which she promised to release for a long time. In addition to the game, Nintendo introduced Fit Meter — Shagomer that allows you to accurately evaluate the work done. The game and the accessory have already arrived on sale. For all owners of the WII Balance Board controller, Shagomer will cost only $ 20, and the TRIAL version of the game can be downloaded for free. The full version of the game and the stepus are sold for $ 50. However, users downloading the WII Fit U Tial version until January 31 will be able to use the game without restrictions.

If you do not yet have a WII Balance Board, but you would like to get your shape with Wii Fit U, you will have to wait until December 13. It is then that a set of all three products will appear on sale: Wii Fit U, Wii Balance Board and Fit Meter. It will be sold for $ 90.

It is worth noting that the prices and deadlines are relevant only for the US market. When the new Nintendo offer will become available in other countries until it is reported.



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