AMD beats competitors “ruble”, reducing the price of the FX-6100 processor

Competition in the market of central processors for desktop PCs once again plays on the hand of the consumer. In order to increase the attractiveness of chips on the Bulldozer architecture, AMD announced a decrease in the recommended price for chip FX-6100.

The initial price tag on the FX-6100 model, presented on October 12, was recorded at $ 165, and the company’s price-list updated on November 14 indicates that from now on the recommended price is $ 155 in parties from thousands of pieces. In this case, the processor is a little more expensive than the Phenom X6 1055T and Intel Core i3-2130 chips, which are offered for $ 150.

In short, we recall the technical characteristics of a cheaper sample: six computing nuclei functioning at a frequency of 3.3 GHz in nominal mode, 3.6 GHz using the TURbo Core technology, and 3.9 GHz if only three kernels are involved;In addition, you can raise the frequency even higher if «Play» with an unlocked factor. Kesh-memory of the second and third levels is 6 and 8 MB, respectively, and the limit value of TDP is 95 W.

The characteristics of the chips should have been shown by performance and performance. However, this has not yet happened: the top CPU FX-8150 gives about the same amount «Parrots», as a model of Intel Core i5-2500K, and in some tests it is inferior to the older generation processor – Phenom II X6 1100T. The company is known about the problem and, according to rumors, expect it to eliminate it by transferring products to Steping B3, which is expected before the end of the year.



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