AMD Bulldozer: Engineering Samples in August, launch in September?

Bulldozer architecture has been developed for a long time and it is possible that it was the desire to give the user really new and competitive processors that made AMD postpone the announcement of the FX series. Recall that at the beginning of the first month of summer, the announcement of the chips Zambezi-FX-8130P, FX-8110, FX-6110 and FX-4110 was supposed to take place. More detailed about the possible reasons for the delay of CPU AMD FX can be found from our previous material. Today I want to voice the opinion of the Chinese publication MyDrivers.COM regarding the date of appearance of the Bulldozer processors.

AMD bulldozer: Engineering samples in August, launch in September?

Our colleagues report that the engineering samples of AMD FX chips will fall into the hands of observers no earlier than August, and the launch will be held in September. The period of increasing the purchasing power of Back-to-School should favorably affect the sales of the latest processors. Most likely, for the designations FX-8150, FX-8100, FX-6100 and FX-4100, AMD FX processors family are hidden.

AMD bulldozer: Engineering samples in August, launch in September?

There is a very interesting column on this slide «L2 Cache», From which you can find out that the processors of the FX-4100 series will receive 4 MB of the second-level Kesh-memory, the model of the series FX-6100 6 MB, and the flagship is 8 MB.



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