AMD can prepare an accelerator with 2304 stream processors

AMD Radeon HD 7970 accelerator, as you know, is based on GPU Tahiti, has 32 computing blocks with the total number of stream processors 2048. The company did not give the public photographs of the accelerator core, which, according to PCper employees, is very unusual and encounters the idea that the company can hide some computing blocks disabled for various motives. NVIDIA did something similar, releasing GeForce GTX 480.

AMD reported during the announcement that Tahiti XT is a full -fledged working crystal with 2048 stream processors. However, recently, an interesting image with plans for releasing options for video cards Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 got into the network. It ranked not only powerful cards with factory overclocking (nucleus frequency up to 1335 MHz), but also two reckless accelerator, the number of streaming processors of which reached 2304, that is, these cards had 36 computing blocks. One of the deleted cards had a working frequency of a 1000 MHz nucleus, that is, theoretically could gain significant superiority over the typical Radeon HD 7970.

Moreover, the second Toxic ZX series accelerated in the document, if it exists at least in theory, has 2304 streaming processors operating at a frequency of 1225 MHz! By performance, such a card can easily surpass Radeon HD 7970 3 GB by 35—45% due to the growth in the frequency and the number of computing blocks.

What does all of this mean? Perhaps nothing, but there is a certain probability that AMD has the possibility of launching an even more powerful single -chip flagship, the production of which the company postponed before the advent of Nvidia Kepler. However, it is doubtful that AMD managed to conceal the fact of the presence of 2304 streaming processors in the Tahiti crystal for so long. It is also unlikely that the company is preparing another chip with an increased number of computing blocks.



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