AMD Catalyst Drivers received Windows 8 certification

Drivers were successfully tested on several Family Family Radeon video cards, on AMD hybrid processors and on FirePro products. Drivers fully support the new WDDM 1 model.2. With applications updating, thanks to WDDM 1.2 users will gain access to a number of new functions:

  • Support for stereoscopic gaming 3D mode and video built into Windows 8 through compatible applications — No stranger is required;
  • Universal video API — The video playing is integrated into the DirectX 11 API, which improves the simultaneous operation of games and videos, and can also increase the performance of video stream coding;
  • optimized screen rotation for mobile devices that record their orientation in space;
  • improved performance of sleep mode and exit from it;
  • optimization by energy consumption of video card.

AMD promises to release the WhQL drive «this summer», In the meantime, users can use the preliminary version of the driver to evaluate new functions.



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