AMD FX processors can soon switch to Steping B3?

AMD at the end of 2009 began to gradually transfer Phenom II processors to the new C3 Stepping, and the next year the Athlon II family also transferred it to it. The transition from Stepping C2 to C3 to some extent improved the accelerated potential and slightly reduced the level of energy consumption. The recently presented Bulldozer processors use Stepping B2 and have already managed to conquer the world record in the CPU-Z discipline. Even before the announcement of Zambezi there were rumors about their imminent transfer to Steping B3, which was never found confirmation.

Employees of the site MyDrivers.COM drew attention to the official document «AMD Family 15h Models 00h-0fh Processors», in which they discovered the mention of Steppeing B3.

Can AMD FX processors go soon to Stepping B3?

The document does not determine the differences between the Steppings B2 and B3, just as the deadlines for admission to the sale of AMD FX processors Steping B3 are not indicated. Who knows, perhaps this will not happen, and after Zambezi B2, Vishera chips using the architecture of the PileDriver processor nuclei architecture will go to the market.



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