AMD graphic flagship can have two GPU

AMD Fiji continues to be the most intriguing product in the discrete graphics market. In fact, nothing is known about this chip, except that it will use multi -layer video memory, that video cards on it already exist, and the results of some tests that should not be unconditionally trust. A couple of new interesting assumptions have now appeared. In particular, it was confirmed that Oculus got the last «iron» AMD, although the demonstration was carried out using the GeForce GTX 980 pair on Mobile World Congress 2015.

Why is it important? The fact is that with the announcement of the Liquidvr SDK, a set of developer to create virtual reality applications, it was quite clearly indicated that the best work will require two graphic processors in the system, which is reflected on the above slide. This is necessary for rendering in the multiprocessor mode Affinity to maximize the decrease in latency. In this mode, each processor is responsible for the processing and output of the image for each eye. A rather logical approach to the use of Multi-GPU in virtual reality applications, which by their nature renders two independent pictures at the same time.

On the other hand, a number of sources suggests that graphic cards on the AMD Fiji base will be delivered with 8 gigabytes of video memory on board. We know that all samples of such cards, which were somehow mentioned in the news to this day, were equipped with four gigabytes of memory, which stems from the HBM concept and the chips of this memory today. There are four of them on a common substrate with a crystal, and the chips themselves have a capacity of 1 GB each. Based on this, it is easy to make a rather logical assumption that AMD can equip the new flagship with two Fiji chips. This automatically solves the issue with the Affinity mode and with the volume of video memory. By the way, such a monster can wear the mysterious name Bermuda. Of course, so far these are just thoughts and guesses. Truth is known only by AMD itself.



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