AMD has released new cards of the Graphics Core Next family

AMD today has released a line of new graphic processors operating on the basis of the new 28-nanometer architecture Graphics Core Next (GCN). AMD argues that the new graphic chips are designed to work with the most demanding graphic applications. “AMD Radeon HD 7800 offers not only the most advanced schedule in the world, the chips of this line offer outstanding performance in modern games and video applications,” AMD said.

and Radeon HD 7750 announced in mid -February.

Like February graphic chips, new items operate on the basis of gigahartz GPU, 2 GB of memory of the GDDR5 format operating at a frequency of 1.2 GHz according to a 128-bit interface. The bandwidth through the strip is 153.6 GB/l. All presented cards support the PCI Express 3 interface.0x16, as well as DirectX 11 systems.1 and Opengl 4.2. Of the new systems, support for DirectComputer 11 and Microsoft C ++ AMP is stated here.

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