AMD is working on the new GPU Overdrive 6 dynamic acceleration technology

TechPowerup resource employees found in the bowels the latest version of the AMD Display Library (ADL) library certificate of the company’s work on the technology of real GPU dynamic overclocking by NVIDIA GPU Boost. Such a technology can manipulate working frequencies and voltage GPU (possibly memory) in various states, taking into account the computational load and temperature.

ADL allows third -party developers to interact with Radeon drivers at a low level. The current generation of the company’s graphics uses Overdrive 5 and the corresponding set of functions, so the new technology, along with Overdrive 6, will appear, probably, on the next generation of GPU from AMD.

In the Over capabilities of the Overdrive 6 AMD, I documented three new definitions, one of which indicates that the frequency of the GPU nucleus can be changed in a certain range (Adl_od6_capability_Sclk_custimization), one — on a similar change in memory frequency (Adl_od6_capability_mclk_cubmization), and one — On the possibility of monitoring activity/load (Adl_od6_capability_gpu_activity_monitor). We have three ingredients of advanced dynamic acceleration technology.

Currently, Radeon HD 7970 GHZ Edition and Radeon HD 7950 V2 accelerators use PowerTune technology. It is simple and archaic: all applications can work at the maximum frequency (that is, in Boost mode), until the accelerator will switch to the nominal frequency when overloaded GPU. Overdrive 6, apparently, will be closer to the more advanced NVIDIA GPU Boost technology, which takes into account the load, energy consumption and temperature when accelerating with a fairly wide frequency framework. Moreover, the new AMD technology, obviously, can in the same way disperse video memory that NVIDIA products do not support.



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