AMD introduced the second version of Catalyst 11.10 Preview for Rage and BF3

Battlefield 3

AMD Catalyst logo

The company reports the following improvements and changes to AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview:

  • Improved performance in Battlefield 3 beta version both in mode with full-screen smoothing and without it in configurations with one or more (Crossfire) video cards of the Radeon HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000 series;
  • Improved performance in Rage in configurations with one video card of the Radeon HD 6000 series, AMD Radeon HD 5000 and AMD Radeon HD 4000;
  • reduces intermittent failures when loading levels into Rage;
  • solves the problem of trembling NPC in Rage;
  • Includes automatic vertical synchronization in Rage;
  • allows AMD Eyefinity in configurations 5×1 (in portrait and album modes) on the video cards AMD Radeon HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000;
  • Improvements in the AMD Vision Control Center user interface on AMD Crossfirex, GPU AMD Overdrive and Information Center.

ID Rage

The driver is available for download in versions both for Windows 7/Vista operating systems (32 bits and 64 bits), and for Windows XP (32 bits and 64 bits).



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