AMD is developing ARCTIC ISLANDS graphic processors family

Although, before the publication of the AMD Radeon R9 300 graphic cards family, it remains a decent time, the company is already developing the following generation of graphic processors and is going to use geographical names of the islands for code names. As foreign sources report, following «Three -hundredth» Generation Radeon, «Four hundredth», will bear the general name Arctic Islands. Therefore, you can expect the names of individual chips like Greenland, Svalbard, Ellesme or Wrangel.

At the moment, there is no information about this family, except that it will traditionally block the entire spectrum of the discrete graphics market: from the initial level solutions to super -powerful cards intended for enthusiasts of modern games. As you know, the AMD graphic processors family, united by a common name, for example, Sea Islands can include chips with different architectures, or may not include — It all depends on the development company, so part of the Arctic Islands chips may well use the architecture «Three hundred» series, which is now called Pirate Islands.

It is expected that a series of graphic processors Arctic Islands will be released in the future, 2016 and will be based on some new post-GCN architecture. This should bring users new opportunities and performance level, at least in theory. As already mentioned, there are no technical details regarding the future generation Radeon yet, as there were no official comments from the Advanced Micro Devices itself. Apparently, the new items will really be sold under the name AMD Radeon RX 400. Perhaps the number 9 after the Citera R will be preserved, or maybe we will see Radeon R10 or RX (with a Roman number 10).


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