AMD made an open professional GPU visualizer

GPuopen — The initiative designed to help developers create games and professional applications that effectively use the advantages of high -parallel calculations using free tools and. Along with Radeon Prorender, on GPuopen.COM developers will also gain access to Radeon Rays, a highly effective and high -performance library for heterogeneous calculations of rays tracing on almost any platform.

Radeon prorender additions are available today for many popular 3D content creation applications, including Autodesk 3DS Max, SolidWorks by Dassault SystèMes and Rhino, also promised the support of Autodesk Maya. Radeon Prorender works on Windows, OS X and Linux platforms and supports GPU, CPU and AMD APU and other manufacturers.

Radeon Prorender is built on the basis of an open OpenCl standard, which allows you to use it on any compatible equipment. Unlike other solutions, Radeon Prorender can simultaneously use and choose the optimal balance of several GPU and CPU. According to AMD, Prorender provides an outstanding GPU-bloodstream and high accuracy of the result. SDK provides libraries that allow it to be easily integrated into applications that require quick photoorealistic visualization based on rays trace.

Radeon Prorender will become available on the GPuopen resource in early September.


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