AMD Kaveri documents indicate a 4-channel memory interface GDDR5

Last BIOS AMD and Kernel Developer (BKDG 3.00) for Kaveri include references to 4-channel DRAM memory controllers (DCT0—3), of which only two are used (DCT0 and DCT3). The same guide includes the mention of the work of each controller in GDDR5Mode mode.

It is worth clarifying immediately: the recently presented Kaveri processors will not be able to work in GDDR5 or 4 mode×64-bit (Socket-FM2+ contact platform only becomes an obvious limiter), but these references say that AMD may well ripen plans for the implementation of a 4-channel memory controller or GDDR5 support in their hybrid processors.

Memory capacity is a huge limiter in scale to the graphic performance of the processor, especially in the light of the fact that the memory channel has to be divided with CPU nuclei. Intel on Haswell chips tried to compensate for the deficiency by integration into a 128 MB processor of fast memory Edram.

The main advantage of Kaveri hybrid processors is powerful graphics. In the future, the company may decide to release a high -class chip with 12 or even 20 computing blocks of GPU (respectively 768 or 1280 stream processors) instead of 8 current blocks in the flagship chip. To implement this, it will be necessary to significantly expand the affordable capacity of memory. AMD documents say that it is not so difficult to achieve this.

Future high -class Kaveri hybrid processors can get two possibilities for expanding the throughput:

  1. 256-bit 4-channel DDR3 interface through standard DIMM slots.
  2. 256-bit 4-channel GDDR5 interface with memory chips.

The second option is more suitable for laptops, and the first may require placing a certain volume of quick memory on the processor. However, all this is still more reasoning on the topic of possible — The appearance of high -class Kaveri depends entirely on the solution and AMD plans.



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