AMD prepares a 4-core APU of A10-6790B business class APU

Until the moment, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has already managed to release table hybrid processors A4-6300B, A6-6400B, A8-6500B and A10-6800B business class, which belong to the Richland generation and have found use in some desktopes from Hewlett.-Packard. And now, thanks to the efforts of the employees of the network resource, the CPU World has become known that the developers intend to soon add another model to this list, which will fill the niche between four-core chips A8-6500B and A10-6800B.

As reported, the new APU will be called A10-6790b. Unfortunately, the source does not give a complete list of its technical characteristics, but there is still some information about the specifications of the debutant. For example, it is known that it has four computing nuclei in the architecture of PileDriver with a clock frequency of 4 GHz, has a 4 MB cache memory, is equipped with an integrated Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics (presumably Radeon HD 8670D) and has a TDP level of not higher.

Since the described chip is a decision of the business class, it will be implemented only by OEM channels. At the same time, the exact start date has not yet been made public.

Earlier, the 3DNews editors published an article «AMD A10-6800K Review: Richland – desktop APUs of the 2013 sample», In which the main features of the architecture of the new desktop hybrid processors from the electronic giant from the sanniveile are described in detail, their model range was studied, as well as the results of laboratory tests conducted by our specialists.


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