AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 cannot be unlocked in Vega 64

With the release of the Fiji graphic processor and solutions based on it, AMD made enthusiasts a gift — Some of the Fury cards were equipped with graphic processors with a complete configuration, but part of the streaming nuclei was blocked software. However, enthusiasts found a way to include inactive nuclei, and we also made a similar experience — ASUS Strix R9 Fury successfully unlocked in Fury X is still working in a test laboratory. Almost two years have passed since the experience, but «defective» Fiji unlocked copy is no different from full and works completely stable.

Relatively new AMD VeGA solutions were similar rumors, since the network has noticed reports that the BIOS firmware from Vega 64 in Vega 56 led to a similar result with Fury and Fury. The performance increase was really recorded, which we also reflected in one of the news notes, however, the GPU-Z testimony, which spoke of the inclusion of additional 512 nuclei and 32 texture blocks, turned out to be false. Currently, the problem with GPU-Z has already been corrected and the program in the latest version demonstrates the same number of functional blocks as the usual VEGA 56.

All that does the BIOS firmware from Vega 64, — Increasing clock frequencies and power limit. The overclocking potential also improves, sometimes to such an extent that VEGA 56 can easily compete with the older and more expensive VEGA 64, so the BIOS replacement procedure can be quite justified. It is not known whether it is possible to circumvent the new AMD protection: it can be more difficult at the software level, or the company can use laser cutting of paths in the packaging of the nucleus. The last case makes the inclusion of additional stream processors impossible physically. To date, not a single truly successful attempt has been recorded.



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