AMD released Updated CPU GODAVARI and CARRIZO, reduced the prices of the FX family

There is still a lot of time left before the AMD AM4 platform, so while the company has to work with what is, namely with FM2+ and AM3 platforms+. The latest announcements include a number of new processors with a FM2+ connector and a decrease in prices for FX chips with an AM3 connector+. It is worth mentioning the appearance of a number of new system boards, updated according to the requirements of today and received support for modern USB 3 interfaces.1 and m.2. The FM2+ Platform update includes three processors: A10-7860K, A6-7470K and ATHLON X4 845.

As you can guess, the first two chips are heterogeneous processors or, in AMD terminology — APU, and Athlon X4 845 differs from them by a deactivated graphic nucleus Radeon. Heterogenic processors are based on the 28-nm process and the Steamroller microarchitecture, while athlon — Excavator architecture. The flagship APU A10-7890K should also be released soon. This will be the last processor before changing the current APU series will come to the Bristol Ridge series.

This CPU will receive four nuclei with frequencies of 4.1/4.3 GHz and the Radeon R7 graphic nucleus with the SEA Islands architecture and 512 GCN nuclei operating at a frequency of 900 MHz. The volume of the second -level Kesha will be 4 MB, the heat package will not exceed 95 watts, and the memory controller will support DDR3 with a frequency of up to 2133 MHz. The cost of the new item will be only $ 140 — The current flagship of the family is the same, the AMD A10-7870K chip. A10-7680K is also a four-core processor with frequencies of 3.6/4.0 GHz and 384 nuclei GCN Radeon R7. Their frequency in this case will be 757 MHz, but the heat package will remain the same, at the level of 95 watts.

A6-7470K will receive only two X86 kernels with frequencies of 3.7/4.0 GHz, the cache volume will be reduced to 2 MB, the graphic nucleus of the Radeon R5 will receive only 256 GCN nuclei with a frequency of 800 MHz. But the TDP of this model is significantly lower, only 65 watts. A new quiet cooler AMD will enter the set of delivery. The cost of new APU will be $ 106 and $ 86, respectively. Prices in the rest of the family will be adjusted: for example, the price of A10-7860K will be $ 118, and A8-7650K — $ 96.

Athlon X4 845 with Excavator architecture is of separate interest. Its nuclei operate at a frequency of 3.5/3.8 GHz, the volume of Kesha L2 is 2 MB, and the heat packet is laid in the value of 65 watts. But it is intended for acceleration, therefore, a cooler of high power, designed for 95 watts, will enter the set of delivery. The chip does not have a built -in graphics, but allows you to use an external graphic card with the PCI Express 3 interface.0 x8. The cost of this decision is $ 70.

We note once again that with the new APU and Athlon, new coolers will be supplied for the discharge of 95 and 65 Watt heat, respectively. The company claims that their acoustic characteristics are comparable to those that are demonstrated by the latest Wraith, which are equipped with the most powerful and hot AMD processors. The senior model is noticeably more complicated than the youngest and uses a copper base with heat pipes, while the youngest is content with an ordinary aluminum radiator with an aluminum base. As for the decrease in prices on the FX model, the AMD processor family is currently as follows:

  • AMD FX-8370 Wraith: $ 200
  • AMD FX-8370: $ 190
  • AMD A10-7860K: $ 118
  • AMD A8-7670K: $ 106
  • AMD A8-7650K: $ 96
  • AMD Athlon X4 870k: $ 90
  • AMD Athlon X4 860k: $ 80
  • AMD Athlon X4 845: $ 70

As for the system boards, AMD partners already offer a number of solutions with AM3+ and FM2+ connectors equipped with the most modern technologies, including USB 3.1 and m.2 with PCIe X4 interface. This was done with the help of controllers of third -party manufacturers, but this is the case when creating boards for the Intel platform. Is AMD the choice of the AMD platform now, when in the near future it will bring the new AM4 processor connector and the corresponding infrastructure, it is difficult to say. For those who already have one of the AM3+ or FM2+ processors, purchase a fee with support for new interfaces, including NVME, probably can be a meaningful step. As well as for those who are looking for an inexpensive, but fairly productive platform for everyday work and games.

But now it is clear what we have noticed «Renaissance» AMD platforms — Already a number of news notes were dedicated to boards with AM3+ or FM2 connectors+. Like a wise commander, Advanced Micro Devices is trying to effectively use all the resources at its disposal before the main combat force approach. We hope that this force, in the person of Zen architecture, will not only not be late, but will also be quite powerful in «military» attitude to fight on equal terms with «blue» Not only in the segment of budget solutions and return AMD to the former glory of the manufacturer of powerful desktop processors. Will Bristol Ridge and Summit Ridge become.



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