AMD Ryzen 5 1600X processor is overclocked up to 5.9 GHz

Intel fans often scold AMD Ryzen for low, in their opinion, frequency potential, but overclocks consider it differently and willingly use new processors «red» in pursuit of next records. «Blue» It is believed that such a pursuit is barren, but practice shows the opposite.

So, the famous oveverkloer Der8auer managed to disperse the six -core Ryzen 5 1600X to 5905.64 MHz, and all the nuclei during the dispersal remained active, and SMT technology was not disconnected. Of course, a copper glass with liquid nitrogen was used as a cooling system, but still the result looks impressive — There are very few left to the cherished bar of 6 GHz.

This is what AMD Ryzen acceleration looks like liquid nitrogen

This is what AMD Ryzen acceleration looks like liquid nitrogen

Not without games with the base frequency, although all AMD Ryzen processors have an unlotted multiplier: the best result was obtained by combining the base frequency of 129.79 MHz and the X45 factor. But the power voltage of the CPU-Z utility could not be informed, but it is known that the ASUS Crosshair Vi Hero system board, supplemented by memory ginge.Skill Trident Z.


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