AMD rejects the presence of hidden blocks in Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti XT)

Rumors regarding Radeon HD 7970 recently began to spread. They concerned not only the unusually high factory overclocking of some Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 accelerators, but also Tahiti nucleus versions with 2304 stream processors. BSN employees decided to contact AMD representatives on this issue. Chris Hook, senior manager of the public relations company, answered briefly and clearly: «There are no hidden nuclei».

Thus, unlike Intel, which, for an acceptable level of energy consumption, turned off two nuclei and 5 MB of Kesh-Mamaty L3 in its Sandy Bridge-E, or NVIDIA processors, which turned off 32 stream processors in the GF100 chip (GeForce GTX 480) to achieve an acceptablethe level of output of suitable crystals, in the AMD Tahiti XT chip, all 4.3 billion transistors are workers.

Perhaps it was some AMD experiment: to inform partners with various data on the number of computing blocks to find out who allows information leakage? One way or another, but with 2048 stream processors and a good acceleration level, even with air cooling, the Tahiti chip is an excellent solution of the new generation from AMD.



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