AMD started Experienced deliveries of junior Ryzen

AMD Ryzen processors are now talking about everyone who is not lazy, but mainly affect the senior SR7 models with eight active cores and the included SMT technology. As it turned out, the AMD replacement of the FX series and in the lower price segment is preparing. If you believe the published data, the other day the company began the experimental supply of samples of the younger chips Ryzen, which will have to compete with the Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors. We remind you that the first Ryzen processors should be officially presented before the beginning of March this year.

It is interesting that, unlike the previously mentioned SR3, the supplied samples of the younger models Ryzen, although they are four -core, but the SMT technology is disabled in them, so they can only execute one stream on the core, as well as the classic Intel Core i5. Perhaps that is what the retail versions of the SR3 will be like that;Most importantly, the new chips are not limited in anything else — They have an unlocked factor and accelerate perfectly if they work together with chipsets B350 or X370. The fate of six -core options remains behind the veil of secrets.

All AMD technologies advertised, including automatic acceleration of the XFR with determining the power of the cooling system and dynamic control of frequencies and stresses, remained unchanged. The basic frequency of the samples supplied, according to foreign sources, is located in the region of 3.4 GHz, but it should not be considered the final sentence, since this value made it possible to fit new processors into the framework of 45-voltage heating pads. Of course, the TDP number never interfered with the dispersal of the processors, so that if these processors are not a hard chopping of the older eight -core Ryzen crystals, the frequencies of about 5 GHz should submit to them without much difficulties.



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