AMD retains optimism, despite losses in the second quarter in a row

The company’s revenue has decreased to $ 1.59 billion, which is less than the previous quarter, equal to $ 1.69 billion, by 6% and 2% less than in the same period in 2011, when the revenue amounted to $ 1.61 billion.

Despite the unprofitable work in the second quarter in a row, AMD managers retain optimism about the future company. «AMD has achieved solid results in the first quarter, and we are still focused on strengthening performing discipline, introducing innovative products and implementing a strategy to increase cash flows and increase in income»,— Said President and Executive Director of AMD Rory Read (Rory Read).

Among the achievements of the first three months of 2012, the company called the beginning of the supply of a follower of the Brazos laptop platform, which became a real bestseller, — The next version under the code name Brazos 2.0, which differs from the previous higher performance, a longer battery life and better functionality. Brazos 2 systems.0, as expected, will go on sale in the second quarter. Trinity hybrid processors, announced at the beginning of the year and representing the second generation of the A-Series series, will appear in the products of leading laptop manufacturers and PCs in the same time.

In the second quarter, AMD plans to increase the revenue by 3% with a possible deviation of +/- 3%.



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