AMD Richland 2-core processor will receive 192 spp

With the light hand of Fuad Abazovic, which is the owner of the Fudzilla portal, the accelerated AMD Richland processor moved from the category of chip for mass solutions to an independent family. Earlier it was assumed that the APU Richland is only a code designation of 2-core 32-nm hybrid processors with Trinity architecture.

Now «Fuadovsky protege» At the beginning of next year, accelerated processors with architecture Trinity should be replaced. It is known that these 28-nm chips can receive video cities of generation Radeon HD 8000. Foid does not say anything about the architecture of processor nuclei.

The reason for the current note was the next revelation of the Fudzilla website regarding this time the number of stream processors (SP) of the APU Richland chips with two computing nuclei. As in a series of Trinity desktop processors, and in the APU Richland line, there will be 2-core models with A4 and A6 indexes. A4 Richland accelerated processors will receive 128 stream processors, and A6 Richland — 192 sp. It’s funny, but in the same proportion they were awarded computing graphic nuclei and representatives of the A4/A6 Trinity.

Apparently an increase in the performance of the graphic subsystem in Richland will be achieved through the use of the progressive architecture of the Sea Islands and higher frequencies.



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