AMD will become Ambidecstrom – on the way a new player in the ARM market?

AMD has already hinted at the possibility of using ARM architectures in their future products. During the past event, AMD Financial Analyst Day, a number of company top executives — From the new executive director of Rory Read and the technical director of Mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster) to the senior vice president and the chief manager of Lisa SU (Lisa Su) — used a metaphor that the company in relation to CPU architectures will be «Ambidecstrom» (A person equally well who has the functions of both hands).

In fact, the company indirectly actively hinted that the future AMD products would over time include chips with computing nuclei of ARM architecture. Dr. Lisa Su made the most obvious statement of this kind, saying that AMD will use the advantages of all types of ecosystems from Windows 8 to Android. She separately mentioned that AMD will not have religious preferences in the field of architectures and spoke about the flexibility of the company as one of the key strategic advantages in the future.

Despite a lot of repeated hints, the company has not made any accurate statements regarding the prepared products based on ARM, and the name itself «ARM» was mentioned at the past event only once, almost in passing. AMD in 2012 and 2013 will be focused on chips compatible with architecture X86. Madame Su noted that AMD can certainly release the system on the chip with architecture X86 in the category of less than 2 W.

Nevertheless, the sounding words are clear «Ambidecster» In the lips of three key AMD managers regarding processor architectures, they say quite definitely about possible ways in the development of the company.



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