AMD will release an inexpensive alternative Ultrathin platform for ultrabooks

AMD is soon going to present an inexpensive alternative to the Ivy Bridge platform from Intel. April launch by Intel of the new generation IVY Bridge platform is expected to reduce the average cost of ultrabooks to $ 800-1000. AMD also prepares its Trinity platform under the code name Ultrathin (ultra-thin), promising the total cost of ultrabook another 10-20% lower than the solutions from Intel.

As expected, primarily updated Ultrathin will be used in Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer and ASUS models. Intel representative at the recent CES 2012 said that this year there will be 75 new models of ultrabooks on the company’s platform. In turn, AMD predicts the appearance of at least 20 models of ultrabooks on the Ultrathin platform and hopes to increase its share in this segment. It is worth noting that the solution from AMD does not carry any innovations in terms of performance or other advantages. The company counts exclusively on attractiveness due to the lower price. This, by the way, causes concern among some manufacturers in connection with a possible collapse of the prices for ultrabooks in general.



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