AMD Zen processors are debuted under the commercial name Ryzen

Official slides leaked to the network relating to the new desktop 14-nm AMD Zen processors under the Ryzen brand (the official launch will take place in just a few hours). The flagship chips, previously known under the code name Summit Ridge, will include 8 nuclei (16 flows), 20 MB of the L2 and L3 level of the L3 and L3, support frequencies of 3.4 GHz and above, as well as the automatic overclocking function.

Automatic acceleration will become possible thanks to XFR (reduction of Extended Frequency Range — literally: «Extended frequency range»). She knows how to raise the working frequencies of the processor above the officially declared maximum even for a turbo mode, if the cooling system allows (air, water or nitrogen).

AMD confirmed that the flagship processors will include 512 KSH-Kash-Mamaty L2 Kesh on the core and 16 MB of the general access Kesh L3 — Thus, 20 MB of Kesha in 8-core chips. The caching system includes a new more advanced block of the advanced sample of commands, which recognizes more important data based on the study of models of access to them certain applications. These most important data are marked and moved to a faster cache to accelerate access.

In addition to the XFR function, two more related technologies are implemented that received the names Pure Power and Precision Boost. The first in real time tracks the temperature, frequency and voltage of the chip through the sensors distributed between Zen nuclei. The sensors data are sent to the Infinity Control Fabric block, which rebuilds the power supply mode of the chip optimally for the current situation. The task of technology — to achieve energy consumption is no higher than required for the effective operation of each block at the current load. As a result of the use of technology, energy consumption, judging by the schedule, is radically reduced.

Precision Boost — The other side of the same coin. This technology works in conjunction with Pure Power in order to achieve maximum productivity without exceeding the declared heat packet. In fact, we are talking about a new generation turbo mode. Precision Boost can adjust the frequencies on the fly without any delays and with high accuracy — in step 25 MHz.

New Architecture CPU Zen — One of the most anticipated and ambitious projects in AMD history. Today, the AMD market share in the market of desktop CPU X86 has been very reduced, and the company has not been trying to compete with Intel for a long time in terms of pure performance. Zen should be a new chance for AMD in this area after the appearance of the Bulldozer architecture five years ago.

Given the fact that the famous engineer Jim Keller, who previously responsible for very successful and competitive Athlon XP and Athlon64 processors, has good chances to play the situation. Zen, as expected, will come to the market in 2017 seriously and for a long time. The launch will take place in the first quarter of 2017.

The table series of AMD Zen processors, according to rumors:


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