AMD: In the near future, you should not wait for DirectX 12

He said that he does not think that in the near future we will see the appearance of DirectX 12. Other words, the upcoming new generation of AMD and NVIDIA video cards will still support the existing DirectX standard, although small innovations in the standard may well be implemented, especially taking into account the expected release of Windows Blue (alleged market name — Windows 8.1).

However, judging by the fact that the DirectX 11 graphic accelerators will be installed in the PS4 and probably in the Xbox 720, in real gaming projects for the PC, support for more fresh standards will be implemented by the developers of games mainly reluctantly and superficially. This is evidenced by the experience of modern generation games — There are still many cross-platform projects, including high-class, which are limited by DirectX 9 support due to the capabilities of modern consoles.



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