AMD: “GPU relics are the main factor in the promotion of 4K permits”

Despite a number of progress in the promotion of technology, 4K displays and the corresponding materials are still not common enough. Robert Hallock, working in the AMD Radeon Graphics Technical Communications section, in an interview with Gamingbolt noted that 4K is becoming more and more widespread, and the company’s research and development department is constantly engaged in this issue.

«If you look at AMD launch Radeon R9 290x, then our graphic accelerator was perhaps the first to count on the game in modern games in 4K resolution, Having one video card in the system. Of course, there are still some games requiring the installation of two video cards for maximum graphics quality, but r9 290x was powerful enough for most projects. We were also the first company to offer full support 4K-display in his drivers», — He noted.

According to Mr. Hallok, 4K permits are actively used by enthusiasts who own high-class game systems, but in more affordable market segments, the technology spreads quite slowly. However, Robert Halllock did not report the exact numbers, but he assured that daily interaction with the AMD community created just such an idea of the situation.

«Ultimately the Evolution of the GPU power — The most significant factor in the further promotion of 4K-permits. The graphics is a very important part of our business, so you, of course, can wait for great progress in this regard in the coming years», — The head of AMD noted.


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