American designers proposed the concept of an office coming home

Negative emotions accompanying millions of office employees, rushing to work every morning, as well as transport problems, inspired Danny Stillion and its IDEO colleagues designers to develop an original concept to create mobile working offices that themselves will come home.

The main idea is to create a mobile module on electric motors that can accommodate in any convenient place in the immediate vicinity of the employee’s place of residence. At the end of the working day, the modules will go into a special hangar and recharge the batteries until the morning.

Mobile offices in parking lots

As possible places of accommodation, the authors of the concept propose to use the fields of stadiums in a sports off -season, parking lots, as well as picturesque places, for example, city parks or berths on the shores of lakes and rivers.

Mobile office on the pier

Employers will feel the benefits of use primarily, since there will be no need for expensive offices for renting offices, especially in large cities as San Francisco, where over the past 4 years the cost of renting commercial real estate has “taken off” by 81 %. And taking into account the fact that more and more office workers work without leaving home, the leave of a mobile office can be planned only on the days when there is a need to get together all together.

Mobile office on the streets of the city

The module will move without a driver in non -handmade hours, which will significantly unload city transport communications. Having received information about the whereabouts of the arrived module, an office worker will get to him in a bicycle in a few minutes.

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