PayPal Package service will speed up the delivery of parcels from China to other countries

The first fruit of cooperation between the two companies was the PayPal Package International Logistics Service, designed to help Chinese businessmen speed up the implementation of contracts.

The head of the PayPal China for Corporate Communications Wayne Wang, commenting on the agreement, said the following: «Working with Beijing Post, our entrepreneurs in China will win when conducting export-import operations, and ultimately, they will be able to supply goods at the speed of the expression delivery of the usual postal service».

The PayPal Package functions include the possibility of tracking the movement of cargo on the network, which means that the operations of entrepreneurs are protected by the service security policy. It should also be added that using the service it will be possible to send small parcels that are guaranteed to go on board the plane on the same day when the order is received.

According to Wayne Van, the new service will expand the capabilities of entrepreneurs for the delivery of goods. Currently, transportation of parcels from China to the United States and Europe takes 10 to 20 days.



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