American ex-reconnaissance recognized the presence of alien aircraft in the United States

David Charles Grush, a US Air Force veteran and a former scout, gave an interview to The Debrief, in which he spoke about the existence of government programs to study alien technology samples. An important point – Grush received official permission from the US Ministry of Defense to publish information on this topic. The reason is simple: the government decided to be more open with citizens and dispel some rumors.

The interview continues to publish in The New York Times from 2017, which revealed the existence of a government for studying UFOs in the United States. Even the authors of the publication are the same – the interviews from the pear were taken by journalists Lesli Kin and Ralph Blmental. Previously, they collected information about the ex-reconnaissance and talked with his former colleagues, such as the retired army colonel Karl E. Nell, who confirmed David’s participation in the study of UFOs.

David GrushDavid Grush

The pears did not reveal any secrets, on the contrary, he complained about the bureaucratic problems that the researchers faced. So, due to the lack of their own competencies in technology, the military attracted private contractors, but to conceal information provided them with incomplete information. The reports were full of obsolete data to hide violations from supervisory authorities. There was also no consent between individual government structures for the study of UFOs, the pears recalls.

The pear said that the US authorities have samples of vehicles of extraterrestrial origin, some of which are debris, but there are also objects that survived the landing. The device of these machines unequivocally indicates their creation by reason, different from human, these are artificial constructions. Alas, for almost 80 years of reverse engineering, it was possible to find out very little – either this information intends to hide.

Source &#8212 The Debrief

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