AMDGPU driver operates on Radeon R9 285

It is expected that the new AMDGPU code will be available at the end of autumn, so while the owners of the Radeon R9 285, using Linux operating systems, are forced to use fully closed AMD Catalyst drivers. In addition, after the appearance of the AMDGPU code in wide access, some more time should pass before this code is entered in the main branch of the Linux nucleus. In any case, we can be glad that the AMD project is already starting to bring real benefits, and does not rely solely on the hypothetical decisions of the new generation.

Tonga knows more than it is allowed now: 32 SU and 384-bit memory tire

Tonga knows more than it is allowed now: 32 SU and 384-bit memory tire

The AMD representative officially confirmed information about the support of the Tonga graphics processor with the new open driver. We remind you while the only model of the graphic adapter is made on the basis of this chip — Radeon R9 285. The emergence of a more productive version of the Radeon R9 285X based on Tonga XT with a wider memory tire is expected, but, unfortunately, it is still not clear when this event will take place. It is possible that AMD will generally refuse to further promote Tonga and concentrate all efforts on the Pirate Islands series.



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