American McGe will create Alice: Otherlands for gamers’ money

This week on Alice: Otherlands on Facebook The Chinese studio Spicy Horse, which is headed by the designer, reported on the preparation of the campaign at Kickstarter. If everything goes according to plan, donations will begin in July. Most likely, the game will spread through the episodic system. McGi is going to interest the public with his new project using a video with a leading girl in the title role, whose shooting will be held next month in Shanghai.

Turning to the designer crowdfunding convinced the success of his latest project, the conditionally payer role-playing game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. At first, the campaign was not progressing very well, but at the last moment the required $ 200 thousand. Still managed to collect, after which the game received a green light in Steam.

According to the designer’s plan, voiced back in June last year, in Alice: Otherlands, the heroine will travel around worlds in the minds of characters that she meets. McGi also voiced the idea of adding an online component to the game, but she did not find support among fans — In response to the publication of the concept art with a mmo-interface of developers, they were filled with criticism.

To the question of one of the players about the fate of the long -line Wizard of Oz, McGi replied that the project was in active development and even found the publisher — Atari — However, due to financial difficulties in 2004, it had to be canceled. Recently, however, the studio resumed work on the game and this time intends to bring the matter to the end.

Kelly Heckerman, public relations Specialist Spicy Horse, noted in an interview with Joystiq to the previous concept «The wizard of the country lake» There is almost nothing left — The project is created from scratch. The studio has not yet decided on the genre, but is already hoping to implement the support of a cross-platform game for owners PC, Mac and Linux. How soon this project will appear on Kickstarter depends on the outcome of the negotiations with EA regarding the transfer of rights to develop Alice games.


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