Ameca’s robot scared many people with its super -realistic facial expressions

The British company Enginered Arts has reached impressive heights in robot construction, to demonstrate a video with a new Ameca robot. The endrome machine is distinguished by two aspects. First, she has very realistic movements, including facial expressions. Secondly, Ameca is a good actress and has already managed to impress observers with her game.

Strictly speaking, Ameca is not a full -fledged robot – this is a technology demonstrator. Engineered Arts already has quite powerful AI platforms for different purposes, and in 2021 they began to create effective shells for them. In January, the Cleo model was released, which skillfully supports the conversation and successfully reinforces the words with gestures, and can also sing and move to the beat of sounds. But the movements of the robot were too rude, and the facial expressions left the best.

With Ameca, everything is different – its creators specifically compiled a very successful scenario, according to which the robot “comes to life”, then as if realized himself, emotionally reacts to the camera and even invites the audience to begin to be friends. Ameca cannot be confused with a person, she does not try to disguise themselves as people like a cinema terminator. On the contrary, this machine has such an expressive manner of behavior that many commentators considered its acting better than Hollywood stars. And Elon Musk on his Twitt, and hastened to add that in Tesla they create his own Android – no worse.

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