American military tests an emergency costume for Premier League crews

Few people think that atomic submarines, the pinnacle of technological thought, are essentially driven by a steam engine, water for which a nuclear reactor boils. It is easy to imagine what consequences can occur if all this steam as a result of the accident is inside residential compartments. In this case, the emergency team cannot do without special heat -resistant costumes.

The US Navy Center for the US Navy, together with the research textile center of the Navy, experience a new protective suit, which will provide protection against burns during the repair of emergency steam systems.

The kit includes a suit, boots, thick gloves, a mask and a cylinder with air. To wear it, it takes a little more than two minutes. When creating a costume, developers took into account the wishes of the sailors as much as possible. Compared to existing models, the costume turned out to be 4 kg easier, it is more convenient when putting on and provides the necessary mobility.

The air cylinder is located outside, which allows it to quickly recharge or replace it. The kit is also given packages with gel to maintain coolness.

Another know-how-gloves. Instead of mittens with limited mobility (on the acting model), three -fingered gloves are provided on a new suit, resembling a crab claw. Such a configuration makes it possible to work with the tool, control means and climb the stairs, and with the help of fabric in the palm of your hand you can remove condensate from a protective mask.

Source &#8212 US Navy

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