American Air Force prepare a rocket destroying electronic systems

Since the armed forces become technologically advanced, modern wars are waged more and more automated systems. And the living personnel in the foreseeable future will be replaced by robots, it is robots that will become the main warriors of the future. In a sense, this is a dream, in a sense, absurd, because there will be fewer people in the wars. Indeed, often to achieve the goal you can not kill anyone. This idea is embodied by US Air Force specialists.

They are working on the creation of an innovative missile with a built -in emitter safe for humans, but fatal for any kind of electronics. The deadly power of this missile is in a highly powerful microwave emitor, which destroys even the most complex electronic air defense systems, disables command centers, and also disconnects fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The program for the development of a new generation missile is designed for three years, its budget is $ 38 million. Within the framework of the project, at least five prototypes will be developed, it is assumed that the full -functional missile will be multi -chamber missile. This means that during the flight she will be able to emit her non -lethal for humans several times, but mortal microwave impulse for any electronics. This will allow her to hit several goals at once, which means that in flight she can be controlled.



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