American priests took up the fight against games

Brady Boyd, pastor of the church «New life» In Colorado-Springs, I am sure that cruel games include people to commit crimes, including bloody ones, and the availability of weapons is in no way connected. Speaking on the air of the Christian broadcasting network, the rector of the temple, in which two parishioners were killed five years ago and two more were injured, said the following: «Weapon sales control – This is not what we must discuss. The church should fight violence and its sources. Two weeks ago, I stood in front of the parishioners and reproached parents who allow cruel games at home». Pastor Boyd believes that the time has come to talk openly about the mental health of adolescents and the measures necessary for its ensuring.

It should be noted that according to CNN channel reports, the offender who arranged firing at the church before the atrocities «New life», I posted on the Internet a list of music, films and games that were in his house under the parental prohibition.



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