American researchers have developed a decoder, “hearing” inner voice

Thinking about something, reading a book or newspaper, a person mentally talks with himself, while he, as it were, hears his inner secret voice. But, as you know, there is nothing secret to become obvious. A group of scientific research scientists at the University of California in Berkeley developed a decoding technology that allows you to eavesdrop on the inner human voice.

According to one of the research participants Brian Presley, “virtual speech” —This is a kind of product of the human brain. Having “deciphered” images that arise during this process, you can solve a number of problems in people suffering from serious diseases, in particular various paralysis, which will further develop fundamentally new types of prostheses.

This is how the inner voice sounds

The basis for starting research was the hypothesis that a person is able to hear an inner voice, as well as ordinary sounds from the outside. To verify the correctness of their assumptions, scientists recorded the activity of the brain of several people when reading the text aloud, and then the same text participants in the experiment read to themselves. Comparing the results, scientists identified only signals belonging to the inner voice, after which they deciphered, that is, they “voiced” them.

While the technology for decoding the inner voice is in the initial stage of development, but in the future it will allow, for example, to recognize individual words spoken with various intonation and even hear the music “sounding” in the human mind.

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