American engineers talk about the development of self -hearing chips

A group of American engineers says they managed to get closer to the creation of “self -hearing chips”. Researchers created a prototype of an integrated scheme capable of heating independently and, in case of damage and cracks in the conducting elements, restore them, resuming conductivity. The recovery process occupies a few seconds.

The authors of the development claim that in the future their chips will allow you to create electronics with an increased service life, as well as get microchips suitable for interplanetary flights. Today, the development of such chips is engaged in the University of Illinois in the city of Urbana-Schedin. Local engineers proposed creating microchips, which will initially be equipped with small tanks with heated material, which will be a conductor and will be able to restore the electric signal inside the chip.

To check their theory, the researchers created several conductive layers of gold, applying them to the glass. Then microcapsules with a spare amount of material based on the connection of Gallia and India were created. A similar metal was chosen due to high conduction and low melting point. The capsules were clamped between two layers of glass and acrylic. During operation, the created microchip was artificially damaged, after which there was a breakdown of the connections and the electric voltage fell to zero on the damaged area. Further, using the bypass circuit, the voltage was applied to the microcapsule, which transferred the material to the fault area and it was eliminated. After that, conductivity was tested for four months and there were no violations in it.

Source: CyberSecurity

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