American scientists claim that Lenin was a mutant

Interest in the life and death of historical personalities is not accidental, especially in figures of such a scale as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. As you know, the leader of the world proletariat passed early, without reaching 54 years. According to the official version, the cause of the early death that was preceded by paralysis was the severe pathology of the vessels of the brain.

This time, a group of American neurologists from Sacramento became interested in Lenin’s illness. Analysis of the last days of the leader and the published autopsy results gave them reason to suggest that he suffered from a rare genetic disease, which caused the mutation of the body and which ultimately led to death.

Particular interest of scientists was caused by petrified brain vessels. According to the recollections of specialists-pathologists who took part in the autopsy, they made a specific ringing when the tweezers hit.
A similar effect, according to experts from the United States, occurred due to the mutated Gene NT5E, which could go into. AND. Lenin from his father, which was also possibly suffering from this disease.Related articles:Oxford found that the superpowers of Spider-Man are not possible in reality

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