American scientists first read the visual image from the human brain

The results of such a unique experiment were published in the journal Neurolmage. Its essence was to connect the subjects to special MRI scanners, which recorded the activity of different parts of the human brain. Scientists – Alan Cowen, Marvin Chan and Brice Kul recorded changes in cerebral circulation when looking at the subjects.

In fact, the researchers managed to read the thoughts of the participants of the experiment, which were then reconstructed in visual images, very similar to the originals of photographs. So on 30 images, skin color was correctly recreated, and in 24 other cases – the absence or presence of a smile.

The reconstruction of images through tomography makes it possible to recreate, and then give an assessment of the degree of perception of the image of the consciousness of a particular person. This will help further understand the cause of many mental disorders, in particular, autism.

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