American marines are experimenting with tiny explosive drones

Today, the leading armies of the world rely mainly on complex combat robots equipped with modern shock systems – which, however, does not prevent American marines from experimenting with tiny controlled drones that can deliver and throw small explosive devices on the heads of the enemy’s heads.

Within the framework of the exercises in the Camp-Legend, North Carolina, the Drone 40 quadrocopter was tested. It is multifunctional – it can be a flying grenade, intelligence officer, or barring air, at any moment ready to destroy a small ground object.

From many other flying drones, the drone is distinguished by an elongated vertical fuselage. The number 40 in the name corresponds to the caliber of the 40-mm grenade. The drone takes off from the hand, or with a shot from a grenade launcher.

The main idea of “Drone 40” is to create a more effective grenade delivery means to the target compared to the usual manual throw. The time of the drone in the air is up to 60 minutes, the speed is up to 72.5 km/h, the flight range to the target is 20 km.

Source &#8212 Popular Science

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