American scientists have found a way to cause conscious dreams

The amazing of conscious dreams lies in their high realism. But in total, half of the people have ever had such an experience at all, and attempts to call them intentionally are usually given controversial results. However, there is a rather reliable method. In 2018, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the clairvoyance Institute in Hawaii tried to understand the role of acetylcholinerize inhibitors in conscious dreams. Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine modulates a quick sleep, and Achels help him to accumulate in the brain, inhibiting acetylcholinersterase, which inactivates acetylcholine.

But here’s what is curious: a common galantamine medicine to maintain memory in Alzheimer’s disease is a quick -acting Achehei. Scientists selected 121 volunteers to see what effect the medicine has on the opportunity to see and remember conscious dreams. The experimental, however, were not ordinary people, but enthusiastic about the topic of conscious dreams and the MILD special training in the practice. When it was united with the drug, the awareness of what is happening in a dream participants became much easier. 3 nights volunteers took increasing doses of Galantamin – placebo, then 4 mg, then 8 mg. Each time they woke up after 4.5 hours, performed the MILD technique, took the drug and fell asleep.

The combination of the induction method in combination with the drug for memory seems to help to see conscious dreams, and the higher the dose, the more strong the effect. With a placebo, 14 % of the experimental ones were able to see conscious dreams, 27 % when consuming 4 mg and 42 % at a dose of 8 mg. As a result of 69 out of 121 participants (57%), they were able to see a conscious dream at least one of the two nights of taking the drug.

However, scientists warn: while they are not convinced of the safety of technology, no one should experiment with the galantamine unauthorizedly.

Source &#8212 PLOS ONE

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