American military print explosives on 3D printers (video)

American military print explosives on 3D printers (video)

According to the American military, they learned the art of printing explosives on a 3D printer. So far, the project is at the prototype stage, but most of the tests were quite successful. As the researchers say, the main advantage of such a technique is the speed provided by additive technologies. It takes less than a day to create a test explosive.

The main idea is in the press of small containers from materials that are not dangerous and not able to explode. They become combat grenades after adding a detonator to them. Three -dimensional printing provides a mass of prospects for the military, they can produce explosives with weapons literally on the battlefield.

Large-scale project related to 3D purests is currently being implemented by marine infantrymen. They plan to not only create explosives with these printers, but also print drones. The result is the ability to produce everything that is needed to perform combat missions.

Source: 3DERS.Org

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