American officials want to take up WhatsApp

As it turned out, the court gave «good» to read the data from the phone of the attacker, however, whatsApp correspondence was encrypted, as a result, the question of providing the key to the cipher was raised.

So far, the situation has not passed into the plane of jurisprudence, but before that, it seems, not far, and the conflict is similar «Apple against the FBI» can repeat in the option «Facebook against the police». Recall that it is Facebook The messenger belongs now. At the same time, if the first case can still be compared with a search if there is a warrant, then the second is like listening to phones in 24/7 mode.

By the way, not only in the United States, those in power want to control the communication of citizens. In Brazil, we recall, for the refusal of Facebook Open the personal data of the user was arrested by the vice president of the local unit of the company. Then he was released, but, as they say in an old joke, — «The sediment remained». And in Russia there were attempts to access Telegram correspondence.

To date, it is impossible to say exactly when and how it all ends, but whatsApp will introduce encryption and voice traffic in addition to text messages in a few weeks.


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