“Talking” bottle of whiskey will tell about his path to the store sheet

One of the world leaders in the production of Diageo alcoholic beverages, together with Thinfilm Electronics, has begun the development of an improved version of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey this time in a smart bottle. The goal of such an unusual innovation is to trace the passage of alcoholic beverages from the conveyor to the counter through the network of distributors.

The “smart” bottle is equipped with a printed sensor of printed marks, which will allow the buyer to detect the fact of illegal opening of the bottle in order to replace its contents with a falsification. Sensors manufactured using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allow you to track the movement of the bottle throughout the chain to the consumer. For this, all interested parties must download a special application for a smartphone.

And yet this information is still more interesting for the manufacturer and sellers. But who knows, such times will come when, before buying a bottle of whiskey, the buyer will turn on his smartphone, ask a few questions and it will be amazed at others, answer them.

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