American students built the highest Lego gang in the world

After a few months of effort, having gone through sweat and tears, the team of American students set a new Guinness record, building the highest Lego gang in the world. The previous record belonged to the eternal rivals of the Americans in Legobattla —The city of Prague.

The height of the American tower from Lego was five floors or 34 meters. During the construction of a giant, according to the standards of a children’s designer, 500,000 lego bricks were involved. For comparison, the tower of past record holders from the Czech Republic was 30 meters high.

In order to get into the Guinness Book of Records, Delaware students donated their summer holidays. But now they enjoy the sensations of the winners and bathe in glory and honor.

The highest tower from Lego

The highest tower from Lego

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