American scientists have developed a system recognizing infant agukan

A team of engineers of Stanford University, led by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Sia Furler, announced a truly innovative device designed to make life easier for young families and help in educating the younger generation. We are talking about a system called «SHILDREN TRANSLATOR», Which, according to the developers, is able to indicate the possible reason for screams and sounds made by infants — so -called «Agukany», Interpreting and visualizing often incomprehensible crying of their child in the form of text or pictures. Information about what disturbs or what your child wants, can be displayed as a built -in «SHILDREN TRANSLATOR» display, and be transferred to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi mobile device.

Apparatus «SHILDREN TRANSLATOR» It is a complex of several devices based on a unique algorithm for recognizing changes in the intonation of the voice of a newborn. In addition to this, due to special cameras, which must be placed in the immediate vicinity of the crib, a number of congenital non -verbal signals are fixed — natural facial expressions of the child, body movements and limbs — for a more accurate determination and subsequent accounting of its current emotional state.

An equally important factor in the process of analysis of a children’s voice is also taking into account physiological indicators. The latter are fixed thanks to a miniature hypoallergenic «smart» bracelet with sensors that determine pressure, heart rate. Electrodes built into the tracker will be responsible for a bioimedance analysis, during which parents will become affordable about the electrical conductivity of fabrics. This will make it possible to calculate the volume of water and cell/extracellular fluid in the body, a lifeless body weight and a number of other indicators necessary for individual monitoring of the state of health and the stages of the formation of the young organism.

Ultimately, despite the technical complexity of the device, family members who decided to equip their house «SHILDREN TRANSLATOR», will receive witnesses and simple notifications «From his child» as:

  • I want to eat;
  • Perhaps my stomach hurts;
  • I want this toy;
  • I want to be taken in my arms;
  • Pay attention to me.

According to the Ferler, patented by Dr., the vast majority of children under the age, when they are still able to communicate with the usual way for us, express their feelings through crying and cries that are divided into several dozen types. Determine on their basis the investigative-pinched relationship of the behavior of the baby and what could cause such a reaction — pain, need for food, additional care or physical activity — The system is capable «SHILDREN TRANSLATOR».

At this stage «Children Translator» Passed tests in 50 American families who, under the supervision of specialists from Stanford University, learned to understand their children under 1.5 years old for a month. The result of studies in real conditions showed the high efficiency of the device, the accuracy of which was 78 %. Based on the data obtained, Ms. Ferler and her team will conduct additional modernization of the device to reduce the measurement error to 10 %.

This Ferler noted that after the publication of the press release, their office was littered with letters after all a day, in which the developers were asked to create a similar device for recognizing barking dogs. Owners of four -legged pets do not mind having a portable version of the analogue «Children Translator», which would help them in the training of pets.


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