Americans are developing a new SR-72 BlackBird hypersonic bomber

The famous American company Lockheed Martin, specializing in the field of aircraft manufacturing and aircraft equipment, is preparing a new unique bomber. This was reported by official representatives of the company.

According to Gizmag, the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works unit is currently developing a shock hypersonic bomber called SR-72 BlackBird. He will be twice as quickly as his predecessor-the legendary SR-71 BlackBird, developed back during the Cold War in the 60s.

SR-72 BlackBird will be equipped with unique two-engine hypersonic engines of a special structure. The cruising speed of the aircraft, according to the developers, will be 6 sides.

SR-72 BlackBird

True, the SR-72 BlackBird hypersonic bomber will not appear soon. His presentation will take place no earlier than 2018. And only by 2030 he can go into service of the US Air Force.

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