American senator is preparing a collective lawsuit against Prism tracking program

According to mass media, in the framework of the Prism program, US intelligence services are monitoring Internet users. Senator from the state of Kentukki, a member of the Republican Party Rand Paul (Rand Paul) protested about the use of Prism. During the Sunday TV show Fox News Sunday, the senator announced his intention to file a collective lawsuit against «unconstitutional» Government tracking programs for citizens and expressed hope for supporting about 10 million users. The senator asked for Internet providers and telecommunication companies to contact his customers calling to join this collective lawsuit.

As a precedent, Rand Paul called protest actions against bills «Stop Online Piracy Act» (Sopa) and «Protect Intellectual Property Act» (Pipa) in 2012. These bills, according to many users, could, if approval, have caused significant harm to the Internet community, seriously limiting freedom of speech.



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